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A memoir by K.J. Joseph

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My Story

K.J. Joseph is an author and screenwriter. The screenplay inspired by her first book, Simply Because We Are Human (2021), was a quarterfinalist in the 2020 Austin Screenplay Awards, which led her to rewrite it in collaboration with screenwriter Andy Froemke under the name Beyond Blue. Joseph has an MFA in creative nonfiction from Augsburg University, and has been writing and performing her work since her elementary school and undergraduate days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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"Simply Because We Are Human is a collection of the writer's honest interactions with mental illness.  The descriptive, poetic memories and vignettes trace her understanding, acceptance, and the barriers she tried to run away from.  Her story is both common and exceptional, and dares to expose her journey to mental health wide open to the light"


Author - The Witness Tree and Wild Horses

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