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Italian Food Gem of Watertown Minnesota and Gluten Free?

Mario’s Italian Kitchen

Watertown Minnesota

***** I give this family friendly restaurant five stars out of five for the food and service. 5/5

Thankfully, restaurants these days make it much easier for people like me to eat out that have celiac disease. How did people do it back in the day? For me finding a restaurant with gluten free options is a common thing, however, finding a restaurant that has mastered delicious gluten free foods is not something that happens often, especially when it comes to pizza and pasta. This is exactly why Mario’s Italian Kitchen in Watertown Minnesota has done. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that they have created the best gluten free pizza that I have tasted yet and I have tasted many a gluten free pizza in my day.

My family lives in Golden Valley Minnesota. Since we discovered Mario’s through a mutual friend, we are willing to make the drive to Watertown to enjoy the food. It isn’t just about the gluten free menu, according to my husband and stepdaughter, their regular pizza and pasta (with lots of gluten) is also amazing. So next time you are craving Italian and near Watertown Minnesota area, I highly recommend stopping at Mario’s. It's worth venturing out of the city to experience the friendly small town vibe. Be sure to tell Mario hello from the Joseph's and I'd love for you to write me back with your experiences.

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