Chappelle and the Bucket of Haters

July 22, 2022

Dave Chappelle and the Bucket of Haters

by K.J. Joseph

Most people are familiar with the comedian and actor, Dave Chappelle. If you are an avid follower of his material as I am, you know him as a comedian, actor, and promoter of love and human decency.

So, what in the H-E - double hockey sticks is going on? Why is all this hate being directed at him? Why is it so out of control?

That is the question that we all are trying to find out right now.

If you decide to take it at face value, listen to the media that is loudest without doing your own research towards finding the truth, you will think that all this hatred towards Chappelle and his craft, is coming from the LGBTQ community, more specifically the Trans community in reaction to Chappelle’s jokes about them.

It is much more complicated than that.

None of us is completely new to the fact that there is false news flying all around us daily. However, there may be more garbage than you think. For me I learned through this process is that many media sources that I have relied on over the years are not reliable. Not a comfortable feeling for anyone.

When the, who I now refer to, as the Bucket of Haters, attacked Chappelle all over social media about, What’s in a Name and The Closer, I sat and watched these shows on Netflix multiple times. I wanted to see where all this hate was coming from.

I couldn’t find it.

What I found was a familiar comedian, making fun of everyone, and doing it well. It was fantastic. I couldn’t believe how many people and articles were spreading fierce hate where the writers, that I could only conclude, had not even watched the shows. It was like trying to interpret a giant game of telephone.

Fast forward to this week. Not only did one of Minneapolis’s greatest venues, First Avenue, cancel Chappelle’s shows hours before he was supposed to start on Wednesday July 20th, but social media was just pouring fuel to the flame of hate lighting false fire everywhere.

The community that I experienced outside the walls of the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis last night on Thursday July 22nd, was not a representation of any community at all. In fact, most of the time protesters were arguing amongst themselves. There were LGBTQ people involved, but that doesn’t mean that the entire LGBTQ community was behind them.

I am someone, along with the people I know, that support the LGBTQ community. How would you feel if your community was represented falsely in the hatred for a worldly famous comedian? How would you feel if your community was associated with hate all over the globe through social media? It would feel awful and defeating to watch the world associate your group as being hateful in a false, spotlight. What is even worse is that the false spotlight is as easy to see as the invisible man.

When you stop to think about it, the LGBTQ community is as much as a victim of the Bucket of Haters as Dave Chappelle and as the art of comedy is. People, the art of comedy is a victim. This does not set well with me, and it shouldn’t with you.

What we really need to do is to fuel the fire of common human decency and ask ourselves to research and question what is really going on in the world before taking things at face value. We should not just jump onboard to accept what the media is yelling at us and unintentionally join the Bucket of Haters.

That is why it is so important to question the media sources that we use on a daily basis and do the research before accepting any news as factual. We all are responsible and strong human beings that can influence our communities in a positive way.

Unfortunately, I will not be supporting First Avenue in anyway unless they apologize to the community and Dave Chappelle. On a positive note, I will continue to cast a shadow of human decency for the time I have here on earth and I'd ask that you all do the same.

photo by Noah Joseph

(K.J. in front of Varsity Theater before Dave

Chappelle show by protesters on 7/20/2022)

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